Horgeboda Gård 

-Natureparadise in Åsnen area's last wilderness
-Nature experience in lake Åsnen last wilderness
-Natureparadise In Småland's last wilderness 

Horgeboda Farm is an idyllic farm with old traditions situated in the heart of beautiful Småland. In this magical landscape, only 45 minutes drive from Växjö, get a soothing but also stimulating stay. 

Horgeboda Farm is a private conservation area that family Andersson-Oskarsson has developed into a natural paradise. The farm is located at the beautiful lake Åsnen and the farm also has its own small island, Stekholmen. The surroundings offer a piece of magnificent natural wilderness character with large boulders terrain, mosaic deciduous forest with some very old trees and a variety of exciting mythical cultural relics. Interesting attractions in the neighborhood are Trollberget in Hulevik, Jättekastet in Horgenäs, Dansestenen and Matavråen in Horgeboda, Dolda fallet the beautiful fall at Horgeboda mill, just before coming out on the road 126. 

Lake Åsnen is Småland's third largest lake. The lake is shallow and has a special character consisting of a unique "lake archipelago" with over 1000 islands and numerous bays. In 2018, the Swedish Government and Parlament decided that part of Åsnen's unique forest and lake landscape would become a national park. The national park became Sweden's 30th national park. Around Åsnen there are a number of beautiful bike trails and through the whole of Åsnen there is a canoe trail.Lake Åsnen and its surroundings are a real paradise for birdwatchers, anglers, canoeists and nature lovers. In Åsnen there are plenty of fish including perch, pike, pike-perch and eel. In the forest, are moose, deer, fox and wild boar. The bird enthusiasts have great opportunities to see herons, ospreys, grebes and perhaps sea eagles and golden eagles and forest birds like the capercaillie, black grouse, woodcock and lots of small birds. Are you interested in swimming, there are nice beaches both in Ulvö and Hulevik You can also enjoy a relaxing walk and get an atmospheric experience of nature. The surrounding area offers the possibility to pick berries and mushrooms. A memorable outdoor experience where the whole family can find something for everyone! 

Horgeboda and its surroundings around Åsnen invites you to experience nature, exciting stories from the past, inspiring cultural events. 

Here you can breathe clean air, to experience total silence and at night it gets really dark. In clear weather, therefore starry sky you can see an amazing experience.