Nationalpark Åsnen

Åsnen is a lake with a shallow shoreline and many islands (> 1000 st). The most valuable parts of Åsnen's unique forest and lake landscape are now also a national park. A national park is a special natural area protected as a national park by a country's state power (in Sweden government). The purpose is to preserve nature as a general natural habitat or to enhance natural awareness or interest in nature.

Åsnen National Park is a remarkably unspoiled and wild-landed forest and lake landscape in Smålands inland. The area has very high natural values linked to the natural state in both the land and the aquatic environments and has a rich plant and wildlife. The national park area consists mainly of the archipelago with a rich bird life, old beech forest, unusual mushrooms, mosses and lichens. The bird life consists of osprey, sea eagle, larch falcon, beechwood, less woodpecker, gray goose, big lion, bearding and big bangs. The spruce forests in the area are unusually artificially predominantly in the area of lava, fungi and insects. The mainland parts are easily accessible and contain interesting and beautiful natural environments from which you can look out over the stunning island.

The National Park was opened on May 25, 2018 by Crown Princess Viktoria. The National Park is Sweden's 30th national park. There are 2 different entrances to the national park. The main entrance to Sunnabron in the east and Trollberget in the west. If you find yourself in Horgeboda we suggest that you visit the national park through the nearby entrance at the mythical Trollberget in Hulevik.

For more info see https://www.sverigesnationalparker.se/park/asnens-nationalpark/

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