We recommend the following tourist attractions

Food and drinks

1. The department store Börjes in Tingsryd 30 km                                               www.borjes-tingsryd.se
In Tingsryd there are long-established independent department store called Börjes. In the well-stocked department store you will find food and other everyday goods that follow a pricing philosophy is to keep constantly low prices on all products. Börjes in Tingsryd is a traditional, family-owned department stores, which in 1944 started sales of textile products in a room of 20 m2. The company has gradually grown and today disposes 5000 m2. The special horse affair that holds most of a dog and a horse owner could wish, has become a success and the products are well-known brands. The products are also sold by mail order.
On the second floor of the department store is a simple but special cafe. The coffee at Börjes Tingsryd is both very good and extremely affordable. (Such as a cup of coffee 1.50, 8.00 cheese sandwich, danish pastries 10.00, shrimp sandwich 33,50 SEK, etc.) while you drink coffee, you also have the opportunity to view the genuine locals.

2. Smörhöga gårdsmagasin, 23 km                                                                         www.smorhoga.se
In the small village of Smörhöga outside Grimslöv has recently renovated an old feed magazine that furnished both tastefully and beautifully. Here is a shop where you can buy from local products following the season's shades of chocolate, gifts and furnishings. In the cozy rustic café is something to suit all tastes. Here are both simple coffee and some lunch options. If you are going for a coffee can the good toffee squares warmly recommended. For the business also includes a museum with a variety of agricultural items and agricultural machinery from bygone centuries.

3. Åsnen smokehouse, 23 km                                                                                   http://user.tninet.se/~qmm937u/
A small nice quality smokehouse with accompanying farm shop located about 3 km north of Urshult on the road to Sirkön. Here you can also see how to smoke fish in the big smokers. Every day during the summer, they started. This is an old craftsmanship where every process in the processing is done manually. Main range in the farm shop consists of smoked fish as salmon, eel, whitefish, trout, walleye, pike, herring and many more fish. In the smokehouse is also the smoking of wildlife as elk, wild boar, reindeer and bears. In the smokehouse refined products through hot smoking, cold smoking, sauna, smoking, burial, pickles, boiled and baked products .You can both buy you products home and sit down and eat a good sandwich or fish plate hanging under the birches. It is also possible to just enjoy a good cup of coffee and the peaceful atmosphere on the farm. For children there is a variety of animals such as peacocks, ducks, chickens, cats, ponies and miniature swine to watch, or maybe feed a small rabbit.


4. Ljushuset i Urshult, 21 km                                                                                  www.ljushuset.nu
Ljushuset is a small picturesque candle factory with factory shop and business. Here you can  buy the special "Urshult Light" that burns in 120-160 hours. Most candles are handmade. There are beautiful hand-painted light with many different motives. In the shop there are also napkins and gift items. If you visit the light house on the day also offered the opportunity to mold their own light (the pot is always on).

 5. IKEA in Älmhult, 34 km                                                                                         www.ikea.com                       www.ikeamuseum.com
Here was built the first IKEA store in the world. The then 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad founded the company in 1943. The acronym IKEA is made up of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, at his father's farm Elmtaryd and the name of his parish of Agunnaryd. In October 1958 opened in Älmhult IKEA's first furniture store. Now, however, the old department store was replaced by a more modern in 2012. In the old department store was opened in June 2016 IKEA Museum. Here shows the past, present and future of IKEA's perspective. A funny thing is that you can be part of a cover of IKEA's catalog of yourself on the front.

 6. Glasriket, 80 km                                                                                                   www.glasriket.se
Glasriket =”Glass Kingdom” is the name of an area between Kalmar and Växjö, where there originally were 16 glassworks. Several glassworks can still be visited. The glass shops are great products offered at heavily discounted prices, but also exhibitions. In museums show you the most beautiful works of Swedish artists. After shopping, you can enjoy "Hyttsill" a party in the traditional way, served directly in the foundry. "Hyttsill" means an evening of interesting and unforgettable experiences in glass empire with typical Småland food. The following describes a few of the most worth visiting glassworks. 

7. Bergdala studio glass, 78 km                                                                             www.studioglas.se       
Bergdala glassworks is one of Glasrikets less use located in the small industrial community Bergdala. The first foundry was built here in 1889. Since then, the mill burned several time with rebuilt. The glassworks is one of the few glassworks which is built of wood and tiled floor. When burnt use mostly rebuilt in stone. After the fire in 1981 was built the new glassworks up and is today one of the glass kingdom modern.

The glassworks is best known for its products in clear glass with a blue stripe on top "blåkant".     

8. Målerås, 103 km                                                                                                    www.matsjonasson.com
Society Målerås set in a woody countryside. The phrase "in the darkest Småland" accurately describes the area around Målerås. The practice is a little different glassworks founded in 1890 with the manufacture of hand-blown window glass. Today, however, the orientation a completely different and the products are of high quality crystal is known throughout världen. The designer Mats Jonasson has over 30 years left their unique mark on the glassworks. On January 29, 1981 was signed here an historic contract where 15 craftsman including Mats Jonasson, with the support of local citizens bought the mill from Kosta Glassworks. Of the village's 250 residents invested 80 in the mill. Since the modest re-launch in 1981, the company has developed and is now Sweden's largest privately owned glassworks. 

 9. Kosta Outlet, 80 km                                                                                              www.kostaoutlet.se
Kosta Outlet glass sales and factory sales of branded products. Kosta Outlet is the time, 20 000 m2 shopping for quality goods - hundreds of well-known brands. In fashion offered clothing, footwear and sports equipment from world leading brands. Also, the outlet stores of interior design, glass and porcelain, books and flowers. Additionally, you can visit the unique glassworks environment related to Kosta Outlet and marvel at the ancient craft with world fame!

10. Östregård's Antique - and flea market in Moheda, 55 Km                              www.ostregard.se
Moheda Östregård is a haven for bargain buyer. Here you can find both antique and used goods. The store is 1,500 square meters. There are both large and small, old and new items. In fine weather, the farm is used as a showroom for furniture outside. Each week, the shelves filled with new things. The goods have been purchased at auctions and from the estates. Take a tour and see what is offered. Open Sundays from April to September 12-18. Will You make really good bargains, you need to set you in the queue just before the inlet at 12 and then quickly pick it for you, you are interested in. All goods are price marked with the price applicable and it pays to haggle. When you bargain-hunting course you can enjoy a cup of coffee with plenty snacks in the small garden with trees full of old antique coffee cups hanging in the trees.

11. Kvarnamåla auction service, 38 km                                                                  www.kvarnamala.se
In Kvarnamåla conducted auctions on the old-fashioned way. The goods coming from all or parts of the estates. Summertime conducted the auction every Sunday. The company is a family business where the whole family helps in the auctions. A hired auctionman, shouts out things while others hold up things and taking payment. It starts with viewing at 10 and then start the auction at 11 am It can both make bids or be present and have bid on the items. Remember that it is on 10% of your bid amount in kind contribution. The auctions provide an opportunity to view the genuine locals who faithfully visit the auctions even if the auctions nowadays attracts visitors from a much larger area. Outside the auction, you can also buy hot dogs by Lasse from Urshult.

 12.Little Rock Lake, zipline, Klavreström, 90 km                                                  www.swedenzipline.com
In Småland is northern Europe's longest zipline. Zipline is a cable railway where you hang in a harness and go on a wire. You go one and one on the line between stations and you are accompanied in groups up to 8 people with two guides who are responsible for security during the riding was. Little Rock Lake Zipline has quickly become one of the most talked about experiences in Småland. The zipline is a unique adventure in the forest of Småland. Experience the forests, streams and lakes from a breathtaking perspective high above the forest landscape, experience the forests and deep ravines from above. Experience the feeling of flying, to the dizzying speed at high altitude are traveling through the 150 years of forest landscape. There are courses and adventure suitable for all ages. Adventure facility is located in Kronoparken about 5 km north of Klavreström and about 2 km from Highway 31. The complex is open for bookings all year round. At the top there is also a café in the high season in July-August is open daily noon. 12:00 to 18:00.

In the nearboorhood

13.Dolda Fallet, Horgeboda, 2,5 km
Turn in at the Horgeboda mill. Park at the dilapidated barn and go down to the dolda fallet in about 500 meters. In the middle of the forest in the Western Torsås parish may find it strange hidden waterfall (Åaskärvet). It is Horjeåns water in hidden waterfall  (Åaskärvet) disappears into a huge stone morass west of Horgeboda mill in South Western Torsås parish. Only the sound of running water tells you about the river's existence. The lake water Horgens this cheerful bubbling during and between a large area with granite blocks. A powerful experience that is like balm for the stressed body and soul! Bring some coffee and take a pause to marvel at halyard hidden secrets.

14.The magical barrier at Horgeboda mill, Horgeboda 1.5 km
Beautiful pond You pass if you take a walk to hidden waterfall. In this pond empties water from hidden waterfall.

15. Matavråen, Horgeboda, 700 meters
"Matavråen" lay along the old Holländarevägen. On this path shipped in earlier times iron  from Huseby to Holland. In earlier times, when people traveled long distances on foot, horseback or by horse and wagon sometimes needed a break to rest and maybe a bite to eat. Tradition says that this place was such a resting place, where you could also get protection against the weather.

16. Holländarevägen, 100 m
The Dutch brothers the Rees leased Huseby Bruk in 1642 received permission from the Danish king to build the so-called. Holländarevägen. It was used in conjunction with products that floated from Huseby use for shipment from Bodekull (Karlshamn). The road came to be called Holländarevägen and when an extension of Steglehylte, Horgeboda, Ramnaberg,  Torsås village, HUNNA came about, also became the designated Holländarevägen.  

17. Dansestenen, Horgeboda 500 meters
Dance stone consists of a huge flat stone slab used as dance in ancient times. History tells us the place was used for dancing already on the Vikings.
Youtube: http://www.globalfunvideos.com/tag/dansestenen-videos

18. Drakakistan, Horgenäs 1 km
Subway under a rock formation. The name Drakakistan (Dragon coffin) will Whereas cavity resembling a stone coffin, growing a brilliant moss, Lysmossan. This moss is sometimes called in the vernacular of dragongold or leprechaun gold. It does not light but it has round, translucent special cells, which look like small grapes. The focus and reflect the light that reaches into the cave / tunnel, and get the moss gleaming like gold. In many cultures the mythology and stories guarding dragons often treasures of gold.

19. Jättekastet, Horgenäs 1 km
Jättekastet = Giant Throw consists of a colossal boulder freely resting on some smaller stones. In the past, when they found boulders at high altitudes, it was believed that there were giants who had thrown away a big piece of mountain, thus had landed high up occasionally on other smaller stones. Therefore they gave the name giant boulders roll, which in recent times, when you realized the reality that they have been transported by ice, was changed to boulders. It is also believed that the giants, when they became angry for different reasons, in pure anger threw blocks.

20. Horgeboda tjärdal, Horgeboda, 700 m
One of sydsverigens most clear and well developed tar pits. Tar burning is an old technique for extracting tar. Tar pits were located in heavily forested areas with stands of pine, which has the largest tar content. Since prehistoric times woodtar has been used as a good impregnation of wood and rope that you want to protect against moisture to avoid rot.

21. Trollberget, Hulevik, 7 km
In beech forest at Lake Åsnen beach about 1 km south of Hulevik is Trollberget with its caves and passageways. There are many stories of oddities at Trollberget and the supernatural beings that were believed to hold here. Here, people have seen the trolls and goblins set to party and dance. It has been observed a kite near the mountain. In one of the aisles, there is apparently a strong iron door and behind it a large hall filled with gold and silver. People have also seen the dwarves and elves run into large chests in the rock.

22. Utsiktstornet i Ramnaberg, 5 km
The observation tower in Ramnaberget located 210 m above sea level. From the viewpoint at Ramnaberg have a fantastic view of the lake Åsnen vicinity. In clear weather you can from the observation tower to see seven different churches. The site is located southwest of Hulevik, about 2 km from Banvallsleden. When the defense at the end of the last century dismantled its operations became a guard tower that stood in the Destination Forest outside Ryssby over and Huleviks community association received it as a gift and went then in this place. The tower is 12 m high. Climbing the tower is at your own risk. Remember not to go up the tower, there is a risk of thunder.

23. Ulvö, Ulvåsen, 4 km
Here on the old roadbed is a beautiful hiking and cycling path that runs along Lake Åsnen beach and the islands. At Ulvö is an old swing bridge. The last train passed through here in the mid-1960s. This unique bridge was manufactured in Belgium during the second half of the 1800s and was installed in 1873 at its present location. It was pivotal to pass the steamboat traffic, which at times was widespread in the lake Åsnen. Passing timber barges for further transport into Horgefjorden helped bridge was used until the mid-1950s. The bridge is undoubtedly the most interesting of preserved cultural relics from early industrialization, we have in Västra Torsås. It is still in good condition and with its beautiful dolphins of cut stone is of great value for our homeland.

If you cross the bridge you come to the peninsula Ulvåsen. Take a bike ride through the beautiful countryside of Småland. Park at the old station Ulvö and ride south along the embankment. You can also stroll through the deciduous forest and enjoy the rich bird life while you have a nice view over Åsnen.

24. Bubbling Bath, Dopstenen, Ulvö 4 km
The stone has a history as a mill for grinding grain, probably since the Stone Age. Dear child has many names. Colloquially known as the stone often Bubbling bath. Tradition asserts that the sick bathed and washed themselves here, because it was believed that the stone had the property to take over their disease. At times, the stone has also been called for Dopstenen.

25. Åsnen around", 140 km                                                                                         www2.visittingsryd.se/sv/se-gora/a392064/asnen-runt/detaljer?filter=c%3D20450
If you have plenty of time and are physically fit, you can cycle "Åsnen around". This is a four day bike ride around the beautiful lake Åsnen - virtually traffic-free roads has much to offer. The journey of the old railway embankment. To undertake this tour in late summer is a bit special because the area around Urshult has the character of an apple kingdom, see below.

26. Meadow Orchards and apple kingdom in Urshult 25 km                               http://www.smaland-check-in.se/check-in2/svenska/aktiviteter/sevardheter/E99_angsfruktodlingar.htm
South of Åsnen, in the area around Vembö and Sirkön, there is a long tradition of fruit growing. The small-scale fruit growing was long a complement to other farm operations, and fruit trees were referred to the farmland on the outskirts such as headlands and meadows. Meadow Orchards gave growers the opportunity to use the land as efficiently as possible by harvesting the land at levels; fruit from the trees and meadow hay (animals' winter feed) from the ground. This samproduktions called extended orchard. Meadow Orchards south of Åsnen is Sweden's only surviving contiguous meadow orchard area and the northernmost example of a popular culture form that has been common in much of Europe.

The area around Urshult has the character of being an apple kingdom. This is due to the high number of sunshine hours Åsnen, almost as many as in Öland. The smells, the ripening of fruits is lovely. The beautiful surroundings are pure eye candy. In several places in the region Urshult You can also stop and shop for fruits, flowers and vegetables in small farm sheds.

27. Ranch 52, Buskahult, 23 Km                                                                             www.ranch52.se
52 Ranch is a small horse paradise in southern Sweden. The plant is in the idyllic and beautiful village Buskahult outside Urshult. The place is run by Melanie and Jürgen who emigrated to Sweden from Germany in 2011. Here they have realized their dream to live and work with horses. Here you can experience the true nature of the feeling of traveling on horseback through the forests of Småland. Riding tours offered in the shorter and longer trips in safe and prosperous horses in comfortable Western saddles. Here you can also take a riding lesson and improve your skills. Riding lesson offered for the beginner as well as for the experienced rider. Group size 1-4 persons.

28. Car cemetery Kyrkö Mosse, 20km                                                                     www.visittingsryd.se/sv/bilkyrkogarden-pa-kyrko-mosse
This car graveyard with classic old cars allows visitors to be nostalgic and simultaneously shows how nature takes its course when the engine gives up. Here, in the middle of the woods, there are lots of rusty car wrecks from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. You will find car cemetery by the shop in Ryd veer off the road 119 towards Hässleholm. In bad weather, the rubber boots to recommend!

29. Huseby Bruk, 30 km                                                                                            www.husebybruk.se
Attractions in industrial environment at the River Helge. Here is everything that made a village self-sufficient. Originally there was (since 1629) an ironworks, most of the existing buildings, however, is from the 1800s. Here, in addition to the family Stephens Castle visit several industries such as iron mills, saw, dairy, mill, general store, blacksmith and a hydroelectric plant. These buildings have been restored to their original condition and houses several museums, such as the estate-worker, mill, sawmill, electric power, ironworks museum Naturum Kronoberg. In the area there is also a restaurant and cafe. During warm months, you should make a visit to the beautiful spacious garden, with its herb and rose arches.

30. Bathing Norraryd, 13 km
Public bathing area adjacent to Norraryds Camping in Ryd. 

31. Bathing Hulevik, 7 km
In Hulevik is a public beach with docks, marina and barbecue.

32. Bathing Ulvö, 4 km
General small beach with a jetty. 

A little further away

33. Gekas in Ullared 180 Km                                                                                   www.gekas.se
If you are interested in shopping, price-conscious and want to make a longer excursion recom-mend Gekas. Gekas (Gekas in Ullared AB) is one of Sweden's largest department store, both in size and in terms of sales. Here you can find everything very cheap. Gekas Ullared is a tourist destination that offers a wide range of matching products at the right prices. Gekas in Ullared is Sweden's largest destination and a wonderful shopping paradise for everyone who likes to shop finds clever! Here you will find everything for your home that will fit in a car, and every year, over four and a half million people here to experience and create shopping history.

If you want to go to Ullared, be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet and take your time. That others have been there and bargain-hunting do you recognize if the cars you meet along the way, is full of big yellow plastic bags.

34. Eriksberg Vilt & Nature Park, 67 km                                                                 www.eriksberg.nu
Eriksberg is a nature reserve on the coast near Åryd in Karlshamn in Blekinge. Eriksberg consists of around 900 hectares fenced. Eriksberg in 1938 was bought by the zoologist, writer and nature photographer Bengt Berg. He devoted himself to research on red deer. He also introduced the Canada goose to Sweden. Eriksberg is now operated as a safari park where there is also conference rooms and exhibitions. Animals in Eriksberg include wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, European bison and mouflon. Visit takes place in your own car and driving on the road that runs through the area. In some places you have to go out of the car, the lookout view overlooking the Dragsö, at the farm, where there is a cafeteria and exhibitions.

35. Elk Park Green Ridge Kosta 80 km                                                                   www.moosepark.net
In Grönåsens Elk Park brings you as close as 50 cm moose and can study these powerful animals in detail. Elk Park is located in the Swedish forest. You can safely take a trip (about 30 minutes). From May / June and the cute little moose calves may possibly photographed. In the 220 m² large and well-stocked shop, you can see and buy most of moose eg trophies, älgskinns products, plush toys, t-shirt with älgmotiv, souvenirs, stickers, smoked moose meat products, and more. In the shop there are over 2000 items related to moose! 

36. Moose Safari, Markaryd 85 km                                                                          www.smalandet.se
"Smålandet Moose Drive". Here you drive in your own car or train in a large moose enclosure and a bisondal. Along a 3 km long winding forest road you will experience the king of the forest and the American beasts, very close! Elk Park is unique and is the only one in Sweden that is built so as to be able to experience the elk close in their natural environment with their own car.

Smålandets Farm dates back to the 1700s, with the beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can taste moose sausage, enjoy a latte or anything else from the café while the children play with the farm's goats.

37. Linnés Råshult, Möckelsnäs 45 km                                                                   www.linnesrashult.se
Carl Linnés was born May 23, 1707 in the small village Råshult in Stenbrohults parish. He was the oldest in a family of five children. He laid the foundation for the modern nomenclature in biology and the modern scheme, grouping plants and animals. Linnaeus was his time leading botanists. The plant Linnea was named after him. Here you have in 10-15 years working to recreate 1700s farmland so that it will look like when Linnés spent his childhood here. Visiting the 1700s the landscape of Råshult is to take a step into the history book. 

For children

38. Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby, 170 km                                               http://www.alv.se
Astrid Lindgren's World is located in Astrid Lindgren's native town of Vimmerby. Astrid Lindgren AB is a theater and theme park where visitors can experience the Astrid Lindgren's books in their true environment. Where everyone can meet them where they play up the pieces from the books and improvise events where children may be present. Astrid Lindgren's World aims to encourage children to read and writing.

Astrid Lindgren's World is open from May 9 to September 1 and September weekends and some weeks in October (42) and November (43, 44).


39. Tingsryd Marketplace                                                                                          www.tingsryd.se
Last Monday in July.

39. Tingsryd art tour www.konstohembygd.se
The first weekend in September.

40. Lönashults bilservice  AB, 10 Km
We hope you do not get any problems with the car while you are staying with us on your vacation but if misfortune still happens is the nearest car repair shop in Lönashult. Here's Bengt-Eric who can most things that are worth knowing about cars. Car service is open Monday to Thursday from 7-18. Fridays 7-17: 30th Closed for lunch 12-13. Telephone number of the workshop is +46,470 757016

More suggestions you will find the www.visitasnen.se