Visiting little further away

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Gekas in Ullared 180 Km                                                                                   www.gekas.se
If you are interested in shopping, price-conscious and want to make a longer excursion recom-mend Gekas. Gekas (Gekas in Ullared AB) is one of Sweden's largest department store, both in size and in terms of sales. Here you can find everything very cheap. Gekas Ullared is a tourist destination that offers a wide range of matching products at the right prices. Gekas in Ullared is Sweden's largest destination and a wonderful shopping paradise for everyone who likes to shop finds clever! Here you will find everything for your home that will fit in a car, and every year, over four and a half million people here to experience and create shopping history.If you want to go to Ullared, be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes on your feet and take your time. That others have been there and bargain-hunting do you recognize if the cars you meet along the way, is full of big yellow plastic bags.


Eriksberg Vilt & Nature Park, 67 km                                                                 www.eriksberg.nu
Eriksberg is a nature reserve on the coast near Åryd in Karlshamn in Blekinge. Eriksberg consists of around 900 hectares fenced. Eriksberg in 1938 was bought by the zoologist, writer and nature photographer Bengt Berg. He devoted himself to research on red deer. He also introduced the Canada goose to Sweden. Eriksberg is now operated as a safari park where there is also conference rooms and exhibitions. Animals in Eriksberg include wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, European bison and mouflon. Visit takes place in your own car and driving on the road that runs through the area. In some places you have to go out of the car, the lookout view overlooking the Dragsö, at the farm, where there is a cafeteria and exhibitions.


Elk Park Green Ridge Kosta 80 km                                                                   www.moosepark.net
In Grönåsens Elk Park brings you as close as 50 cm moose and can study these powerful animals in detail. Elk Park is located in the Swedish forest. You can safely take a trip (about 30 minutes). From May / June and the cute little moose calves may possibly photographed. In the 220 m² large and well-stocked shop, you can see and buy most of moose eg trophies, älgskinns products, plush toys, t-shirt with älgmotiv, souvenirs, stickers, smoked moose meat products, and more. In the shop there are over 2000 items related to moose! 

Markaryd Smålandet1CMarkaryd Smålandet2C

Moose Safari, Markaryd 85 km                                                                          www.smalandet.se
"Smålandet Moose Drive". Here you drive in your own car or train in a large moose enclosure and a bisondal. Along a 3 km long winding forest road you will experience the king of the forest and the American beasts, very close! Elk Park is unique and is the only one in Sweden that is built so as to be able to experience the elk close in their natural environment with their own car.

Smålandets Farm dates back to the 1700s, with the beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can taste moose sausage, enjoy a latte or anything else from the café while the children play with the farm's goats.

Linnés Råshult, Möckelsnäs 45 km                                                                   www.linnesrashult.se
Carl Linnés was born May 23, 1707 in the small village Råshult in Stenbrohults parish. He was the oldest in a family of five children. He laid the foundation for the modern nomenclature in biology and the modern scheme, grouping plants and animals. Linnaeus was his time leading botanists. The plant Linnea was named after him. Here you have in 10-15 years working to recreate 1700s farmland so that it will look like when Linnés spent his childhood here. Visiting the 1700s the landscape of Råshult is to take a step into the history book.

DomkyrkanC Domkyrkan TrädC

Domkyrkan i Växjö 45 km    www.svenskakyrkan.se/vaxjo/vaxjo-domkyrka
Växjö Cathedral is one of Småland's most visited places with about 130,000 tourist visits each year. The church dates from the 12th century and is centrally located in the lush Linné Park where outdoor concerts and singing are held during the summers. In the park at the church is the Karolinerhuset from 1715 and was Växjö's high school until the 1850s. One of the school's students was Carl von Linné. In Linnéparken there is a planting according to Linné's sexual system where Linné's division of the plant kingdom into 24 classes is represented by ordinary plants.

Directly to the left inside the church room is a candle holder in the form of the Tree of Life and Knowledge, created in glass and iron forging in the latter part of the 20th century by the glass artist Erik Höglund and the art smith Lars Larsson. This has become the cathedral's most visited place. In the cathedral you can also see Bertil Vallien's beautiful altar cabinets, in glass and metal. The altar cabinet named Fiat Lux (from dark to light) is a pompous work, five meters high, and is the starting point for the public glass art that continues on Sandgärdsgatan (Glasgatan) out of the cathedral, see below.

Glasgatan diamantCGlasgatan fågelCGlasgatan huvudCGlasgatan växtC

Glasgatan i Växjö 45 km
Sandgärdsgatan in Växjö is also called Glasgatan. The street is a street where 7 artists from Småland glassworks have been invited to decorate it. The idea of ​​the glass street is to lead visitors into the city. Many people go to the cathedral in Växjö, dating from the Middle Ages and from there (with the cathedral behind their backs) one can go on to see all the works of art. The street extends from the Cathedral and begins with Bertil Vallien's altar cabinet "Fiat lux" to the end of Sandgärdsgatan where Ulrika Hydman-Vallien created a form of display cabinets containing various details from life - "Happy Days".
The street art begins with Bertil Vallien's "Abode" in the classic style as a direct continuation from the church and the altar closet. Also young modern artists are represented - Åsa Jungnelius with her "The Black Panther", which according to herself consists of a very fake diamond. It is large, black and framed by chains. Ludvig Löfgren has chosen the name “Explorateur” for his work.Kjell Engman has created two works of art that form a couple - “What´s going on in an old
man's head "and" Waiting for the ballroom dance ". This pair is, like Göran Wärff's "Bishop's seat" created in glass and concrete. Anna Ehrner has stuck to Växjö - Europe's greenest city when she designed "Växtkraft" which brought the idea to rolling seagrass.
All artwork is illuminated and several change faces when the light changes. They are also stable and worthy. Perhaps they are the most beautiful in the evening light.

Ekotemplet i Växjö 45 km
Om du gör ett besök i Växjö är detta besöksmål en helt gratis, men lite speciell och annorlunda upplevelse som kan vara väl värd att stanna till för. 1974 byggde Växjö ett nytt 28 m högt vattentorn, 35 m i diameter som rymmer 4500 kubikmeter, för att ersätta det tidigare vattentornet. Teleborgs vattentorn eller ”Ekotemplet” ligger i Växjö, ett stenkast från universitetet. Vid byggnationen hände något som gjorde detta till att förutom vara ett vanligt vattentorn, även blev en känd attraktion och välbesökt turistmål. Det kupolformade taket som utgör vattenbehållarens botten, gör att det uppstår ett annorlunda eko när man befinner sig under kupolen. Om du ställer dig under tornet och ger ifrån dig ett ljud, kommer du att uppleva att den minsta viskning blir kraftigt förstäkt och att det uppstår en unik ekoeffekt. Ljudet studsar nämligen mer än 20 gånger mellan ekokammaren och besökarens öron.