Food and Drinks

borjesCborges rakmackaCborjes prislistaC

The department store Börjes in Tingsryd 30 km                                               www.borjes-tingsryd.se
In Tingsryd there are long-established independent department store called Börjes. In the well-stocked department store you will find food and other everyday goods that follow a pricing philosophy is to keep constantly low prices on all products. Börjes in Tingsryd is a traditional, family-owned department stores, which in 1944 started sales of textile products in a room of 20 m2. The company has gradually grown and today disposes 5000 m2. The special horse affair that holds most of a dog and a horse owner could wish, has become a success and the products are well-known brands. The products are also sold by mail order.
On the second floor of the department store is a simple but special cafe. The coffee at Börjes Tingsryd is both very good and extremely affordable. (Such as a cup of coffee 1.50, 8.00 cheese sandwich, danish pastries 10.00, shrimp sandwich 33,50 SEK, etc.) while you drink coffee, you also have the opportunity to view the genuine locals.


Smörhöga gårdsmagasin, 23 km                                                                         www.smorhoga.se
In the small village of Smörhöga outside Grimslöv has recently renovated an old feed magazine that furnished both tastefully and beautifully. Here is a shop where you can buy from local products following the season's shades of chocolate, gifts and furnishings. In the cozy rustic café is something to suit all tastes. Here are both simple coffee and some lunch options. If you are going for a coffee can the good toffee squares warmly recommended. For the business also includes a museum with a variety of agricultural items and agricultural machinery from bygone centuries.

asnen rokCasnenrok skyltC

Åsnen smokehouse, 23 km                                                                                  
A small nice quality smokehouse with accompanying farm shop located about 3 km north of Urshult on the road to Sirkön. Here you can also see how to smoke fish in the big smokers. Every day during the summer, they started. This is an old craftsmanship where every process in the processing is done manually. Main range in the farm shop consists of smoked fish as salmon, eel, whitefish, trout, walleye, pike, herring and many more fish. In the smokehouse is also the smoking of wildlife as elk, wild boar, reindeer and bears. In the smokehouse refined products through hot smoking, cold smoking, sauna, smoking, burial, pickles, boiled and baked products .You can both buy you products home and sit down and eat a good sandwich or fish plate hanging under the birches. It is also possible to just enjoy a good cup of coffee and the peaceful atmosphere on the farm. For children there is a variety of animals such as peacocks, ducks, chickens, cats, ponies and miniature swine to watch, or maybe feed a small rabbit.

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PM & vänner, Växjö  45 km  www.pmrestauranger.se
Maybe you have something special to celebrate and want to eat a little finer dinner or simply have a good lunch when you are in Växjö? Then we recommend PM & Friends, which is an award-winning restaurant in Växjö. This star inn has put Växjö and Småland on the host map in terms of food and wine. At PM you put the Småland in focus and the newspaper is sophisticated dishes based on forest, meadow and lake. Local and organic raw materials are used. With a star in Guide Michelin and the award of the Wine Spectator Grand Award, it is a class in itself and well worth a visit. Lunch is served 11: 30-13: 30.

Toftastrands konditori , Växjö 45 km  www.villavik.se/konditori.shtml
If you make an excursion to Växjö, like cakes and have a craving, it can be a pleasant experience to visit Toftastrand's patisserie a little outside the city. Here you will find everything from musty food breads to delicious pastries and sandwiches, all made from the ground up with real cream, butter and eggs from the chicken in the neighborhood. During your time you have a beautiful view of Toftasjön. If you do not know what to choose, we recommend a "Tofta pastry". One pastry special for the pastry with white marzipan, deer chestnut and cream. Some Saturdays a "scones buffet" is served and some Sundays are served "cake buffet" which is also recommended as they are affordable alternatives that give you the opportunity to try many different types of pastries.

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Ålshults Handelsbod, kulturcafé, Ålshult  9 km www.alshult.se
The trading booth in Ålshult is well worth a visit. The cultural café is housed in the old BC. the country trade in Ålshult. Since 2012, the business has been run by a Dutch family. Enjoy a good cup of coffee along with their homemade very delicious pastries on the terrace overlooking the Åsnen while you contemplate your next trip or the next excursion. Each day is also served between 12-19: 30 simpler meal / dish of the day. At the crossroads where Handelsboden is located, 3 bike paths and a canoe route pass, thus the store is also the perfect starting point for a day trip. The store is a meeting point where everyone from near and far meets and can share tourist information, coffee, simple meals, crafts, home-made furniture and local art, music and culture.

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Urshults Bagarn 20 km  www.urshultsbagarn.se
The region's absolute best bread can be found at the local Urshult bakar. We especially recommend their fresh "grahams", freshly baked syrup bread and pear biscuits. (Some parts of the assortment are also sold, for example, at the ICA stores). In 2017, the company received the award for this year's company in the bakery industry. The bakery was founded as early as 1903 and thus has very old ancestry. The bakery has chosen both the craft and the old traditions, but modern findings and methods have been given room in the production. The factory shop is well hidden on a back street (Kanalgatan) in Urshult and thus unfortunately a little difficult to find. Therefore, a good idea is to first check the map on the website or facebook before the visit. Unfortunately, you can not snack on the spot but only buy to take home. Opening hours are economical, weekdays 8-13 and Saturdays 8-11.
Mickes Vilt UteCMickes Vilt inneCMickes Vilt loggaC

Mickes restaurang och viltrökeri, Sävsjöström 100 km  www.mickesrestaurant.se
If you are looking for a unique tasting experience in a fantastic cozy atmosphere you should head to Sävsjöström a few miles outside Växjö for a visit to Micke's restaurant. A little bit to drive, but in our opinion well worth a visit. Micke's is an idyllically located small restaurant with alpine cottage feel and its own meat processing in the middle of the Småland forest. Here is a selection of their award-winning air-dried delicacies from their own production and solid hot dishes with a great focus on game & beef from the region. The menu varies depending on the meat available. For dessert you can choose among other things a real Apfelstrudel. Micke is an open and pleasant entrepreneur who likes to tell about his hectic time as a chef in Vienna and Paris but who instead chose to seek the tranquility of the Småland forest. Opening hours are Friday & Saturday 3 pm late. Other days pre-booking is required.