Ljushuset i Urshult, 21 km                                                                                  www.ljushuset.nu
Ljushuset is a small picturesque candle factory with factory shop and business. Here you can  buy the special "Urshult Light" that burns in 120-160 hours. Most candles are handmade. There are beautiful hand-painted light with many different motives. In the shop there are also napkins and gift items. If you visit the light house on the day also offered the opportunity to mold their own light (the pot is always on).


IKEA in Älmhult, 34 km                                                                                         www.ikea.com                       www.ikeamuseum.com
Here was built the first IKEA store in the world. The then 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad founded the company in 1943. The acronym IKEA is made up of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, at his father's farm Elmtaryd and the name of his parish of Agunnaryd. In October 1958 opened in Älmhult IKEA's first furniture store. Now, however, the old department store was replaced by a more modern in 2012. In the old department store was opened in June 2016 IKEA Museum. Here shows the past, present and future of IKEA's perspective. A funny thing is that you can be part of a cover of IKEA's catalog of yourself on the front.

Glasriket, 80 km                                                                                                   www.glasriket.se
Glasriket =”Glass Kingdom” is the name of an area between Kalmar and Växjö, where there originally were 16 glassworks. Several glassworks can still be visited. The glass shops are great products offered at heavily discounted prices, but also exhibitions. In museums show you the most beautiful works of Swedish artists. After shopping, you can enjoy "Hyttsill" a party in the traditional way, served directly in the foundry. "Hyttsill" means an evening of interesting and unforgettable experiences in glass empire with typical Småland food. The following describes a few of the most worth visiting glassworks. 


Bergdala studio glass, 78 km                                                                             www.studioglas.se       
Bergdala glassworks is one of Glasrikets less use located in the small industrial community Bergdala. The first foundry was built here in 1889. Since then, the mill burned several time with rebuilt. The glassworks is one of the few glassworks which is built of wood and tiled floor. When burnt use mostly rebuilt in stone. After the fire in 1981 was built the new glassworks up and is today one of the glass kingdom modern.The glassworks is best known for its products in clear glass with a blue stripe on top "blåkant". 


Målerås, 103 km                                                                                                    www.matsjonasson.com
Society Målerås set in a woody countryside. The phrase "in the darkest Småland" accurately describes the area around Målerås. The practice is a little different glassworks founded in 1890 with the manufacture of hand-blown window glass. Today, however, the orientation a completely different and the products are of high quality crystal is known throughout världen. The designer Mats Jonasson has over 30 years left their unique mark on the glassworks. On January 29, 1981 was signed here an historic contract where 15 craftsman including Mats Jonasson, with the support of local citizens bought the mill from Kosta Glassworks. Of the village's 250 residents invested 80 in the mill. Since the modest re-launch in 1981, the company has developed and is now Sweden's largest privately owned glassworks. 


Kosta Outlet, 80 km                                                                                              www.kostaoutlet.se
Kosta Outlet glass sales and factory sales of branded products. Kosta Outlet is the time, 20 000 m2 shopping for quality goods - hundreds of well-known brands. In fashion offered clothing, footwear and sports equipment from world leading brands. Also, the outlet stores of interior design, glass and porcelain, books and flowers. Additionally, you can visit the unique glassworks environment related to Kosta Outlet and marvel at the ancient craft with world fame!