Little Rock Lake, zipline, Klavreström, 90 km                           www.swedenzipline.com
In Småland is northern Europe's longest zipline. Zipline is a cable railway where you hang in a harness and go on a wire. You go one and one on the line between stations and you are accompanied in groups up to 8 people with two guides who are responsible for security during the riding was. Little Rock Lake Zipline has quickly become one of the most talked about experiences in Småland. The zipline is a unique adventure in the forest of Småland. Experience the forests, streams and lakes from a breathtaking perspective high above the forest landscape, experience the forests and deep ravines from above. Experience the feeling of flying, to the dizzying speed at high altitude are traveling through the 150 years of forest landscape. There are courses and adventure suitable for all ages. Adventure facility is located in Kronoparken about 5 km north of Klavreström and about 2 km from Highway 31. The complex is open for bookings all year round. At the top there is also a café in the high season in July-August is open daily noon. 12:00 to 18:00.